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The Semrau Law Firm has achieved an exceptionally high level of success in litigation and jury trials. Principal and lead attorney Scott Semrau is frequently in court representing clients for a variety of cases. The firm has a solid undertsanding of the law, the court system and how to prepare and conduct an effective jury trial.

The Semrau Law Firm is usually able to obtain reasonable settlements out of court for small or simple personal injury claims. Extreme personal injury cases, and wrongful death claims, are often resolved in court due to the adversarial nature of negotiating large settlement amounts. We have chosen to share on this page, several examples of personal injury and wrongful death cases that the firm has handled.

Case 1

Case 2

Case 3

Case 4

Case 5

Anytime that we may be of service we hope that you will take advantage of our FREE CONSULTATION offer which provides you with a meeting with an attorney to discuss your situation. If you are too busy to schedule an appointment, simply call our office or contact us online with information about your situation.

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"I cannot imagine having found a more prepared, focused and intense lawyer. Simply put, Scott you are an excellent attorney that we are extremely grateful to have contacted and hired."