Product Liability Law

Product liability law deals with the liability of a product's manufacturer, supplier or seller. If a product defect causes a malfunction or does not perfrom as a reasonable person would expect and causes harm to the person who used the product.

Product Liability Attorney In the United States defective products cause thousands of injuries and death each year. In an attempt to warn consumers, when product defects are discovered, the U.S. Product Safety Council lists product recalls on their website. Manufacturers send warning notices to consumers who may have purchased a product later determined as possibly defective, and product recalls are announced regularly on radio and TV and are printed in magazines.

Defective products range from cars, trucks, air bags, sports equipment, household appliances, computer batteries, power tools, toys, lawn and garden equipment, prescription drugs and much more. In some cases a product liability lawsuit can incude the seller or distributor, the manufacturer and any companies that may have supplied defective parts to the manufacturer.

Common Products For Liability Lawsuits

  • Automotive Defects
  • Household Appliances
  • Sporting Goods Failure
  • Toxic Building Materials
  • Tool & Equipment Failures
  • Prescription Drug Hazards
  • Over The Counter Drug Hazards
  • Product Performance Misrepresentation

Product Defects Categories:

  • Design defects
  • Insufficient instructions or warnings regarding usage
  • Manufacturing defects

Do I Have A Case?

If you are seriously injured, whether or not you have a basis for a product liability claim lies not only in an injured resulting from use of an item, but also in whether or not the product was defective or unexpectedly dangerous.

If you can prove that the product that injured you was in an unreasonably dangerous condition, you may have grounds for a lawsuit against the manufacturer, distributor or seller.

When is a Product Considered Unreasonably Dangerous?

  • The product fails to perform safely as an ordinary safety as an ordinary person would expect, when used as it was intended.
  • The product fails to perform as the manufacturers might reasonably foresee.
  • The risk of danger in the product's design outweighs the benefits.

What To Do Now

We have a proven track record of great results, representing plaintiff's product liability claims. When you seek our legal counsel, we will determine how you were injured, the extent of your injuries, whether or not the product was defective or dangerous and the legal remedies available to you.

If you have been harmed by a dangerous or defective product and need legal help, call 770-795-7751 or contact us online to arrange for a FREE CONSULTATION with an attorney.

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