Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Really Help Me?

Yes. We have a remarkable rate of success. Our "secret recipe" is no secret: we have superior knowledge of the law and we are very skilled at what we do. Mostly, we set our sights high and maintain high expectations. Make no mistake, every case is different, however we know how to make the most from what we have before us. Our FREE CONSULTATION is an easy way for you to learn the viability of filing a claim.

Do I Have A Case?

Maybe. The circumstances of your particular situation will determine the strength of your personal injury claim. Some common questions to evaluate the potential for filing a personal injury lawsuit include: Did the person who injured you, or company where you were injured, have a responsibility to prevent you from getting injured? All people and companies have the obligation to behave reasonably carefully, and minimize risk of injury, such that their actions (or inactions) do not cause injury. Subsequently, we need to determine if the paerson/company failed to fulfill that responsibility, and were you injured as a direct result of that failure.

How much is my claim worth?

It Depends. A claim not filed is worth nothing. If you hire a personal injury attorney and file a claim the following factors are all evaluated and considered to determine the worth of your claim.

  • 1. Property damage
  • 2. Physical disfigurement
  • 3. Physical disabilities
  • 4. The medical expenses caused by the injury, whether currently or in the future
  • 5. Wages lost due to having to miss work, including time spent going to doctors or therapists
  • 6. Fees you need to pay to get others to assist you in household tasks you can no longer do by yourself
  • 7. Emotional disabilities such as anxiety, depression and more that are consequences of the injury
  • 8. Changes in future earning ability
  • 9. Additional expenses resulting from the injury

Is a jury trial necessary?

Not Necessarily. Our first course of action is to negotiate a settlement with the opposing party, usually their insurance company. This often yields reasonable results because the insurance company wants to avoid the cost and bad press from a jury trial. Cases seeking very large settlements often do go to jury trial. As skilled litigators and trial attorneys, we can handle any action required to settle your case.

Is there a time limit to file a claim?

Almost always. The circumstances of your personal injury or wrongful death claim will determine whether or not there is a statute of limitations for filing a claim. Generally speaking, only a case involving a felony crime would not have a time limit to file a claim. We recommend that you contact us now for a FREE CONSULTATION to avoid making a mistake that could cost you further losses.

What About My Medical Bills?

A big reason to call us. If you have been injured you may be facing huge medical biils now and in the future. Even if you have insurance, your portion to pay may be extremely expensive. As your personal injury attorney our claim will certainly include compensation for your medical bills and we will make every effort to get your current expenses paid for by the opposing party. contact us now for a FREE CONSULTATION to learn how to manage this challengine situation.

What do I need to do now?

Take Action. Our first recommendation is to take advantage of our offer for a FREE CONSULTATION to discuss your situation. We invite you to call our office or contact us online to arrange an appointment.

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