Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

When deemed necessary, people entrust nursing homes with providing their loved one with the quality care and attention they might not otherwise get if they were not in a good nursing home. This care usually includes a full range of life services including nutrition, medical services, mental stimulation, physical exercise and generally safe living conditions. Whenever abuse or neglect is even remotely suspected the resident senior citizen, or impaired loved one, should be removed from the facility and a nursing home negligence attorney should be consulted. The Semrau Law Firm is a Marietta law firm which is experienced in dealing with nursing home abuse, nursing home negligence, day care abuse and caregiver abuse. During your FREE CONSULTATION with a nursing home abuse attorney you can learn more about actions to take to protect your loved one and hold the offending party responsible.

Nursing Home Abuse, Daycare Abuse

Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit Nursing home abuse and daycare abuse may be difficult to determine or discover. Often, the abusers will intimidate the loved one into not reporting the abuse for fear of reprisal. This is especially true for victms of nursing home abuse because visitations to the loved one may be infrequent, and sometimes the abuser will maintain a presence during the visit. If you suspect that something is wrong you should try to communicate with the loved one, try to notice any visible injuries or marks, and sometimes speak with the management of the facility. If you have lingering concerns, or a nagging feeling inside, you may should contact our law firm to discuss your intuitive thoughts.

Look For These Warning Signs

  • Unexplained marks, bruises or signs of physical trauma.
  • Signs of hygiene neglect or sanitary issues including dirty linens.
  • Noticeable fear or concern when particular staff members are present.
  • Caregivers that seem unfamiliar with medication or dietary needs.
  • Remarkable comments by loved ones, visitors or staff members.

Our experience in dealing with nursing home abuse and day care abuse allows us to take a more educated view of what you feel and have observed. If there is abuse it is highly probable that we have seen the situation before and we can take the immediate steps to address the issue. Our first concern is always to secure the safety and welfare of the loved one. Our follow up concerns are dealing with the criminal and/or financial restitution which may be applicable to the situation.

Our FREE CONSULTATION is a worry free opportunity for you to receive expert opinion on your situation as you know it to be. If you suspect, or have discovered, nursing home abuse, or daycare abuse, we strongly advise you to call our office today or contact us online to discuss your options.

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